Redesign the existing old static site with new design and build a CMS based system to present the courses, materials and resources for students with Rett syndrome. The organization is helping thousands of students worldwide with their courses, resources, and a lot more services.

How we helped:

We built the site with a custom theme and wordpress architecture. We built a custom plugin to display courses easily and intuitively. Admin has the option to manage the Instructors. The admin can accept or reject the applications, listing management and many more features. Also, the admin can easily manage the library resources with various media formats. Admin also has the option to assign the coaches for the requests through the site. We developed a custom Newsletter plugin for the Admin to create Newsletters with ease. It is mapped with a third-party mail service provider to conduct a detailed analysis. Admin can easily manage the events using additional event plugins. User can get the calendar view format for the availability of the instructors. Also, the subscribers in the email list will get the updates for upcoming events.

Architecture :

  1. WordPress
  2. Custom Plugin

Solutions :

We built a solution which can be a one stop solution for students with Rett syndrome. They can choose their coaches for guidance, doctors, information, resources and many more. The site is being used widely,  and the users are having a great experience.

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