The client wanted to create a debating platform where users can connect with their friends and participate in the biggest debates that shape the world we live in.

How we Helped :

We designed the architecture after a great deal of research and interactions with the client about what they wanted to achieve with this platform. We built a custom solution using the custom post types and sharing option. The user can create the debate and invite other users and share the debate on social media to attract more participants. 

Each users can create their profiles, and they have easy options to manage their debates. Users can private messages other members. The system has extensive management features for holding the debate, pausing the comment system and many more. Each user will have their own dashboard to see the details of the their debates like Upvotes, comments, agree, disagree counts.

Architecture :

  1. WordPress
  2. Custom Plugin


Users can register on the platform. They can create their own debates and share it on the social media to gain more popularity for their debates. Admin have the option to create category, manage the users and many more.

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