The NROC Network



The Brand new system to manage operations for the non-profit organisation “where NROC members collaborate, connect, and access NROC resources.” . The System needs to manage:

  1. Memberships
  2. Groups
  3. Courses
  4. Tutorials
  5. Internal Tools
  6. Training
  7. Networking with the users.

How we helped:

We designed the solution by integrating the plugins available in the wordpress repository and using few other paid plugins. We created extensions for other few plugins to achieve the custom features.

We created an architecture for the admin to be able to handle the overall networks in few clicks, and it can be easily organized into section by sections. Admin can set the user levels to manage the group, course management, membership management, support management, training management and tutorial management easily. Based on the access levels assigned, users can manage the modules easily and quickly. The users can easily register and access the site based on the membership levels.

Architecture :

  1. WordPress
  2. Custom Theme
  3. Buddypress
  4. Memberships
  5. Events
  6. Coursepress pro

Solutions :

NROC network members can easily collaborate, share, start group, participate in discussions, attending online training, schedule classroom sessions. Site admins can manage all the features easily. The site users can experience the well designed responsive features.  



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