MGA training is an Australia based company providing People and Performance solutions. They wanted to build an LMS system to offer Soft skills training to companies in different sectors. They wanted the system to work for companies that are entirely different. They required an extensive Reporting system, Various levels of user access and Different types of courses.

How we helped :

We performed extensive research to understand our client’s business and the solution they wanted to offer their clients. We designed an architecture which used a Multi Site based LMS system that employed Coursepress Pro. We customized Coursepress Pro to achieve different display format for the questions, additional progress bar, reporting system integration with various file format export options.


  1. WordPress Multisites
  2. WPMU Dev Coursepress Pro  

The Solution :

We designed a MultiSite based LMS system using Coursepress pro. The user can login to their account and write the tests. Assessors can check the progress of the tests. The site admin can manage and create the courses, take reports, reset the courses.

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