The client wanted to create a platform for Health Communication professionals for sharing health communication knowledge, experiences and resources.

How we helped:

We built the system using WordPress and Buddypress. We extended the features of Buddypress to achieve the custom features which were essential for the success of the site. Used directory plugin for listing features. The site is targeting different Geographical locations, and the site needed the capability of multilingual content delivery. We created a Job board for the site admins to create the jobs listing easily. It also has additional features for the site admin to list the events, customized Newsletter with the option to choose different languages. Users can create discussion groups and easily start discussions within the system.

Architecture :

  1. WordPress
  2. Custom Plugin
  3. Buddypress


The end users can browse the site based on the language selected. The user can create groups, invite the members to their groups. Users can check the available Jobs, user can check the events, subscribe to the Newsletters. Users can also read the news within the network.

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