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A platform for non-technical users to create websites for their businesses. The platform should help such users to get online quickly without the knowledge of the servers, themes or any other technical aspects. The primary objective is to help users to start their online business within an hour.

How we helped :

Set up  an architecture with the help of the existing wpmudev plugins, customization and custom plugins. We setup the billing system and plans with the help of prosites plugin. Users can select the plans and make the payments using Paypal or credit card. With the Blog templates we setup a template site that helps the users to creating the site with the dummy content. Using these features, a user can create their site in few minutes. They just need to edit the site to add their content to all the pages, features, changing the preloaded images. Admin has the option to add the plugins, delete plugins, adding new features easily with custom access control.

Architecture :

  1. WordPress Multisite
  2. Various WPMU Dev plugin
  3. Custom Plugin

Solution: Users can get their business online in few hours with few clicks. User can select the domain they want and also the theme they want with ready made content. Once they have created the sites, the users just need to edit the content.

  • Categories: General, Hosting
  • URL:
  • Plugins used: Wordpress Multisite Various WPMU Dev plugin Custom Plugin

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