Chadron Rentals



The client wanted to build a real estate portal for renting the properties for a small community.

How we helped :

We found the right templates and developed the custom plugin to meet the need. We developed a custom admin page for easy management of the properties. Users can add the details about their properties and use the enable and disable display properties. Users have the option to save and keep the documents of the properties, images and other details within their accounts. Property owners have the option to add various media files like Video, Images, PDF and other formats to present their property accordingly.

An effective newsletter system is configured for admin to create the lists. For the users, we developed an extensive search and basic search feature. It saves user’s time to get the detailed search results.

Architecture :

  1. WordPress
  2. Custom Plugin


Users can easily search for properties according to the availability in their location. Also the property owners can easily add their properties in the application. And it is a very light weight site.

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