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The client wanted to create a community site for artists where they can display their art and sell their artworks using this platform.

How we helped:-

We created a custom plugin to manage the memberships for the artists. We used WPMUDEV membership plugin for this. Marketpress plugin is used for the marketplace to display and sell the products. Using the custom plugin, the admin will have the option to bypass the memberships restriction features for the members. Admin will have the option to assign the users to multiple memberships, enable and disable additional features for each members and many more. Users have custom profile page to add their details, present their Artwork, and they can also add the artwork as a digital product. The systems provides a monthly subscription based model, and the users can pay via Paypal or Credit cards. Admin can easily import or export user details. Admin will have the power to hide or display the user profiles.

Architecture :

  1. WordPress
  2. Custom Plugin
  3. Marketpress
  4. Membership


Artist can register for the membership and join the community, add their artwork to the marketplace and sell their artwork to the audience easily. It is a subscription based intuitive platform for the artists to sell their works.

  • Categories: Directory, General
  • Plugins used: Custom Plugins,Marketpress,Membership

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