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1. What is wordpress?
WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL, which runs on a web hosting service
2. Why use wordpress?

Wordpress is gaining popularity day by day due to its simplified structure and user compatibility. Give an impetus to your business by adopting the advanced wordpress themes for your websites.

3. What is rwd (responsive web design) ?

Responsive Web design and development is the catchword in today’s web development era. We at wordpressmonk  make use of the cutting-edge know-how to make your website visible on various platforms, right from big screen devices to mobiles.

4. what is the advantage of wordpress over joomla, drupal...?

We can convert design of any format such as JPG, PSD, PNG, PSD, PDF, BMP etc into wordpress within stipulated timeframe. We take utmost care of Quality and have a dedicated team for validation inspection.

5. what is plugin and how can it be customized?

Plugins are ways to extend and to the functionality that already exists in WordPress. Plugins then offer custom functions and features so that each user can tailor their site to their specific needs. WordPress provides hooks to allow plugins to customize and extend it.

6. can joomla, drupal and html can be migrated to wordpress?

We can migrate site to WordPress from Joomla, Drupal and HTML.Depending on the current format of site, the process for migration will be different.If it is HTML website,the best option might be to manually copy and paste the HTML code directly into the WordPress HTML editor.There are many plugins and WordPress migration tools that can help in migrating from some of the most popular platforms.

7. wordpress is a blogger framework can is it safe for an e-commerce site?

WordPress is trusted and used by millions. So the site's security is constantly being strengthened against various security threats and vulnerabilities.There are numerous plugins to strengthen WordPress security.By using secure passwords, checkout, payment Gateway and trusted e-commerce platforms WordPress e-commerce site can be secured.

8. what Is the building themes fROm scratch?

WordPress themes from scratch is an ambition for people who just started out developing WordPress. Start from scratch not referring to starting from nothing at all, but instead, start from something that is as minimal.There are lots of starter themes available like Underscore, Blank..etc. Using this we can create WordPress themes by editing the framework itself.

9. How sturdy is the wordpress framework?

WordPress theme framework often refers to a code library that is used to facilitate development of a theme.They are intended to be used as a parent theme template where all functionality resides.Theme framework can drastically reduce the development time and make things easier over long run.It has the ability to upgrade without loosing any styling functionality of child themes.

10. Can i have a huge database in network?

WordPress can handle a huge database with a lot of entries in for blog posts and users.

11.what if the number of users are very high?

Before using WordPress for a high-traffic site, you need to make sure the site is ready to deal with high traffic volumes. WordPress is certainly capable of managing large amounts of traffic, but there are limitations on what any website platform can do by itself. When you make changes to your web hosting/server, caching system, or file sizes, you must ensure your site will not crash after receiving only a few thousand hits.Like any other web application, WordPress is only able to handle as much traffic as the hardware which runs it can support.

12.can i integrate other platforms like javascript  to wordpress?

JavaScript will work within WordPress. It can be used within WordPress template files in WordPress Themes or Child Themes. JavaScript cannot be added to post content without a special WordPress Plugin that removes the filters that prevent unwanted code within the post content area, for the protection of the user.

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